Your baby is growing up fast! Babbling, solids, and…teeth?! Teaching great oral care habits is easy when you’ve got The Brushies!

My son is now almost 9 months old! Before I get all teary-eyed *ahem*, let me give you the low-down on his teeth: OW. I had no idea he even had teeth until recently when I let him nom on my finger a bit and suddenly his chipmunk teeth appeared. I was honestly shocked because I wasn’t super familiar with tooth development in children…he can’t have teeth already, can he?

But alas! It was so.

I immediately started thinking about oral health and wondering how you foster great brushing habits when your baby can’t even speak full words yet! We have been using The Baby Banana since around 4 months old, and it is an amazing teether and training toothbrush. I can’t recommend it enough! However, even though the Banana is awesome, its “bristles” are a bit too big to effectively clean teeth—I think it is a teether more than anything (I still HIGHLY recommend it!) That’s where The Brushies come in:

The Brushies are finger-puppets with fine, soft bristles on them that make introducing your baby to brushing fun and interactive. Characters include Chomps the Dino, Willa the Whale, Momo the Monkey, and Pinkey the Pig, complete with a super cute board book that introduces the concepts of what sugar can do to teeth if left unattended!

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What you can expect from The Brushies box (characters in each box may vary):

  • A Made in America product
  • BPA, Latex, and Pthalate free
  • Food-grade silicone
  • Environmentally-friendly and made with recycled materials
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Thoughtfully designed by a family dentist and a child psychologist
  • Soft, flexible bristles that are gentle against young gums

I received the Chomps the Dino Brushie, and was immediately impressed at the recycled packaging materials. My package was like the one shown below:

I had taken some pictures of the package, but I didn’t pay attention and the light wasn’t as great as I had hoped…but by then I had opened the package and my son was chewing on the board book! You know it goes with mom-brain. Here’s some close-ups of the Brushie itself!

How cute is that? As you can see, Chomps the Dino is green and comes with a lot of “teeth,” quite true to its dinosaur counterpart! My son loves to chew on the bristles, and it’s just the right size for him to grasp. He did gag a little when the brush on my finger and massaging his tongue and gums, but otherwise he loved the sensation of the bristles! His gums did not appear red or sore afterwards, either! I just used a little bit of water, no toothpaste, so you don’t have to overthink it. Plus, I’m not sure what age kids should start on toothpaste: I’ve added that question to my list for the next time we visit the pediatrician!

The book is also nice because it begins teaching kids in a silly way, which is something I think children relate to and absorb more readily. Here’s a sneak peek at Chomp’s sweet rhyme in the book:

Even though my son can’t read yet, he really enjoys looking at the bright colors and chewing on the pages!

Pros & Cons

Things I love about The Brushies:

  • Soft bristles don’t irritate the gums
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s a quick and easy activity to get your child used to brushing
  • I don’t have to worry about chemicals or weird plastic additives
  • The character shapes and accompanying book are fun
  • Travels easily, so you can teach healthy oral hygiene habits anywhere

Potential cons:

  • The bristles are very soft, which is great, but at times can feel a bit delicate
  • The bristles might be chewed off if this is used as a teether
  • Small and easy to misplace
  • Tends to attract fibers

Is It Worth the Investment?

In my experience, yes! The Brushies pros definitely outweigh any potential cons. The fact that it is so easy to clean and has non-irritating bristles makes it worth the investment alone in my book. My son loves Chomps and the board book, and I feel good that I’m introducing the idea of good oral hygiene so young. I think you’ll feel good about teaching your little one, too.

You can find out more about The Brushies and their creators on their website, and you can grab the whole set here:

Happy brushing!


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