Stupid ties. Random coffee mugs. Miscellaneous gifts that somehow always turn into a chore for your poor, tired dad or husband.

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But this year’s going to be different, right?
This year you’re not going to hear the deep, deep sigh of disappointment from the father-figures in your life!
This year is going to be so kick-ass that you will be knighted (yes, KNIGHTED) as being the best gift-giver of all time.


Behold! Dear reader, feast your eyes upon the gifts that will get you a hearty fist bump and a good dad joke:

Mistobox Coffee Subscription

High-quality coffee delivered to your door every month? Oh hell yes.
If your dad or husband loves coffee and is a bit of a snob about it, Mistobox is for him. If he just happens to love coffee, this box is for him. If he is a new dad with no chance of a decent’s night’s sleep anytime soon…this box is for him!

Here’s the breakdown for the Mistobox:

  • 1 month subscription starts at $20 and goes to 12-month subscriptions for $240
  • Each box contains a 12oz bag of fresh coffee beans from premium roasters
  • You can customize your box for light, medium, or dark roasts
  • You can choose from espresso, single origin blends, and more
  • You can have a coffee expert hand-pick your coffee if you are a coffee n00b and have no idea what you’re doing
  • There are 40+ artisan roasters that create 300+ variations of brews!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving—just make sure he has a bean grinder handy!
Want to get him a taste of the Mistobox without a huge investment? You can get this gift set:

Show Dad How Book

Know a new dad, or a dad-to-be? Show Dad How is the perfect gift!
Yeah, it may be written by Sean Bean (erm, I mean Shawn Bean, not the actor who dies in every film he’s in!), but this book has pictures. Maybe a picture book doesn’t seem that cool, but when it’s 2am and the baby has broken out of its swaddle and is wildly crying but you don’t want to wake Mama up because it’s her turn to sleep…yeeeaaah a book that clearly shows you how to swaddle is a lifesaver.

Plus, the book covers what to expect during pregnancy, what the labor process can be like, and how to have comfortable sex and a happy relationship before and after baby (have you checked out our New Dad’s Guide to Postpartum Sex?) More importantly, it teaches dads ways to feel comfortable taking care of their child when Mama may be out getting her relaxation on. Dads are huge influencers in their children’s lives, and sometimes go underappreciated.

Empowering dads? We can get behind that. Get your copy here.

Star Wars: Destiny

If dad is a Star Wars nerd, there’s no better gift than this easy-to-learn card and dice game!
Choose your side: Light or Dark, and be prepared to battle it out with your favorite characters. In my opinion, game mechanics are similar to Magic, but easier—dad can teach the kids in a snap, no matter where you are. Start-up price is modest at around $20, but with Destiny becoming immensely popular, it’s not unusual to see the Booster Packs sell out quickly. Fortunately, Fantasy Flight Games is responding to the demand by releasing a Destiny Awakenings reprint. Much like X-Wing and Armada, this game isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so grab your starter kit. Grab your lightsaber and prepare to kick some ass!

Omaha Steaks

MEAT! If your dad is into grilling, he won’t be disappointed in a box full of meaty, steaky deliciousness. Omaha Steaks are awesome because they offer several different types of cuts in one package, making it perfect for a family gathering or entertaining. The package linked above, called The Entertainment Sampler, includes:

  • 4 (5 oz.) sirloins
  • 4 (4 oz.) Omaha steak burgers
  • 4 (3 oz.) gourmet jumbo franks
  • 16 oz. package of steakhouse fries

Complete the set with this sweet grilling apron, and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a Starfleet Commander.

Arizer Air Vape

Bruh, prepare to be dad’s best bud (get it?).

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the Arizer Air is the obvious choice for professional and amateur botanists and plant appreciators of all kinds (seriously, the reviews are insane). It is a bit steep for the initial investment at around $200, but its durability and battery life make it worthwhile for frequent vapers. Quality craftsmanship means that it won’t overheat and explode in your hand like cheaper vapes, and a 10-minute auto turn-off keeps the battery life optimal for long-term use. Arizer Air has a quick-loading feature, and you can even choose what type of vapor you want to be released (light or thick).

It comes in black, silver, and titanium, and is backed by a limited warranty. Plus, you can use all kinds of herbs in it, even herbs for aromatherapy. What gift could be more relaxing?

Go With Your Gut

You know your dad or husband best! If all else fails, you can make him something from scratch, or even indulge in another neck tie. We promise we won’t tell.

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers and father-figures out there!

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